Treatment of impotence in men

Treatment of impotence in men

Many men periodically encounter erectile dysfunction, especially when they reach the age of 60. But if this problem has become systematic, it is necessary to consult a doctor. Often this disease is called impotence, although from the point of view of medicine this is not quite the correct definition. This is a violation of the function of the genitals, which in most cases is treatable and allows you to subsequently lead a normal sexual life. According to information taken from

Causes and symptoms

Erectile dysfunction consists in the inability to achieve a stable erection to perform a full sexual intercourse. An erection may weaken during sexual contact, be achieved much longer than usual, or periodically disappear. Since both partners cannot get sexual satisfaction because of this, the problem often develops in the form of psychological complexes and stressful states.

Thus, the penis does not become erect. This pathology can develop against the background of:

  • inflammatory diseases of the genitourinary system;
  • infections;
  • vascular pathologies;
  • injuries;
  • hormonal failures;
  • systemic diseases, such as diabetes mellitus;
  • psychoemotional factors.

Also, problems with erection can occur due to smoking, alcohol abuse, “sedentary” work, taking certain medications and undergoing operations. Therefore, only a doctor can choose an effective treatment for impotence.


To diagnose erectile dysfunction, it is usually enough for a doctor to conduct a survey and examination of the patient. However, the treatment of impotence in men requires a comprehensive diagnosis, which will reveal the root cause of the pathology. The standard examination includes a blood test (to detect cardiovascular pathologies, diabetes mellitus, hormonal disorders), urine (to diagnose inflammation), ultrasound with a doppler (to determine blood flow indicators), a vasoactive test to exclude psychoemotional factors. In some cases, the consultation of other specialists, including a psychologist and an endocrinologist, is required.

New methods of impotence treatment

According to statistics, only 22% of men, faced with this disease, seek medical help. Most of them are trying to cope with the problem on their own, taking questionable drugs with unproven effectiveness. This is fraught with aggravation of pathology and significant health risks, including sexual ones.

Modern treatment of male impotence is complex. It is based on diagnostic data and is determined by the etiology of the disorder. The main methods of therapy:

  • taking special medications;
  • MLT;
  • ozone therapy;
  • UHT;
  • vacuum massage;
  • prostate massage.

Shock wave therapy is a non-invasive procedure, which consists in influencing the pathological area with low-frequency waves. This stimulates regenerative processes, eliminates inflammation and relieves pain. Thanks to the course of UVT, blood circulation is normalized and pathological formations are destroyed pointwise without affecting healthy tissues. In addition, such an effect promotes the elimination of toxins, activates the formation of new vessels and makes existing veins more elastic. The first positive effect becomes noticeable after 1-3 sessions. An important advantage of this procedure is that it fights not with symptoms, but with the cause of pathology, allowing to normalize blood flow to the cavernous bodies during sexual arousal. In many cases, it prevents surgical interventions and makes it possible to completely refuse to take medications.

MLT is a technique based on double exposure: magnetic and laser. This radiation provides a significant depth of penetration of pulses, increasing the effectiveness of drugs. Due to this, pain syndrome is relieved, metabolic processes are activated and the quality of erection increases.

Ozone therapy is a harmless procedure involving intravenous administration of saline, which is saturated with an oxygen-ozone mixture. As a result, pathogenic microorganisms are destroyed, blood is saturated with oxygen, the lumen of blood vessels is expanded, and metabolic processes are activated. The course of ozone therapy helps to relieve inflammation and eliminate the root cause of erectile dysfunction.

Prostate massage is aimed at normalizing blood flow to this organ, its saturation with oxygen and nutrients. Thanks to special massage manipulations, the ways of outflow of prostate secretions are released, stagnant phenomena disappear, and inflammation processes are suppressed.

The medical center “Medical On Group – St. Petersburg” also uses unique medications in the therapy complex, which were developed with the participation of leading urologists-andrologists of the international corporation “Medical On Group”. These medicines are made on a natural basis, do not contain hormones and provide safe treatment of erectile dysfunction without side effects.

Preventive measures

In order for the result of therapy to be long-term, you should follow the doctor’s recommendations regarding lifestyle:

  • give up smoking, drugs, alcohol;
  • normalize weight;
  • regularly visit a urologist (at least once a year);
  • have sex with a regular partner;
  • avoid stress;
  • solve health problems in a timely manner.

Remember: only a doctor can determine exactly how to treat impotence in a particular case.

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